May Luncheon

  • May 17, 2023
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Periodic Table • 8808 Centre Park Dr • Columbia


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Have you ever heard the saying that if you don't have your health, you don't have anything? Please join us for a wonderful program where we will focus on Women's Health in the Workplace. This will be a fun, interactive event that will be both educational and entertaining. Leading the session will be four BWN members that are experienced in the health and wellness space.Topics will include the importance of women's health in the workplace, techniques that will help us take better care of ourselves at work and at home, and the trends emerging regarding work-related healthcare.


Nurse Laura Barrett-Nutting, MBA/BSN/RN

Laura Barrett-Nutting, MBA, BSN, RN, better known as Nurse Laura, is a certified cannabis and integrative medicine nurse/health mentor who brings over 20 years of experience helping patients cope with critical illness and chronic disease. Her enthusiasm for wellness and led her to explore the multiple medical cannabinoid options available. Nurse Laura has worked in each of the plant touching cannabis fields: growing, processing and opening dispensaries, as well as sales, marketing, and compliance. Nurse Laura works with providers, patients, caregivers, and dispensary staff to educate, inform, and collaborate to find the best options for improving quality of life.

Nurse Laura founded the National Clinical Director Consortium to support the role of the Clinical Directors across the country. This group works to ensure access to healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists and cannabis providers) knowledgeable in plant medicine for patients, dispensary staff, and other providers. Nurse Laura also serves on the Board for the Connor Sheffield Foundation promoting research and advocacy for medical cannabis.

Dr. Gabby Mace, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Gabby Mace, DPT is a mobile physical therapist at Pioneer PT. Gabby is an avid hiker, runner, and loves outdoor activities. As an outdoor enthusiast herself, Gabby loves treating individuals who are active in the outdoors and provides extensive knowledge of movement, injury prevention, individual workout/rehab plan to get her clients back to the activities they love. Gabby enjoys serving as the Next Gen Advisor for BWN and loves connecting with others in the community. 

Linda Penkala, teacher/author/Licensed Massage Therapist

Linda’s greatest joy, excluding loving up on her 6 Grandkids, is to help others connect the dots to naturally embrace health and wellness on the road to longevity. As a wellness catalyst for 35 years, through published articles, presentations, aromatherapy massages, and her recent book The Pause to Relax Ladies for Robust Heart Health, she finds her heart’s passion is to help people relax and be mindful of stress. All to be more intentional with lifestyle choices. She discovered the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of men and women, but when research revealed that women surpassed men of dying of cardiovascular disease, it became apparent after her medical moment with Atrial fibrillation, that more work was needed! Her mess that is now her message is delivered in an engaging way by drawing from her years as a jockey, and the analogies of both careers. Highlighting her lessons learned from horses and clients, then sharing holistic self-regulating modalities to help lessen chronic stress, improve breathwork, and find a peaceful balance.

Brenda von Rautenkranz, Licensed Professional Psychotherapist 

Brenda von Rautenkranz has over 30 years of Professional Experience in Behavior and Education, is a State of Maryland Licensed Professional Counselor, Professional Fitness Trainer, produces and hosts her own cable show and is a motivational speaker.  She is a certified

equine specialist for over 40 years of experience, and has provided services to a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations. She has presented at local, state and regional workshops and conferences and is the owner of vR Growth and Learning Center, a facility dedicated to bringing Horses, Dogs and Clients together for emotional growth and empowerment as well as Equine Corporate Team Building for companies of all sizes. Throughout her career she has motivated thousands of people to gain control of their lives to inspire them to have a positive road to success. She produces and hosts TV shows.  The shows are designed to share information about health and fitness, as well as various charities, people's lives, and community issues. Brenda is a motivational speaker and president of her own business called “Fit for Life” which provides personal training as well as motivation on nutrition, emotions, physical fitness.  As a Personal Trainer, she has empowered thousands of people to gain control of their lives to inspire them have a positive road to success. 


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