2021 Scholarship Acknowledgements

Only with the support of local organization and individuals can the BWN Scholarship program benefit local women. Through the year, we raise funds with various events. Watch the newsletter and Facebook page for announcements of upcoming opportunities to have fun and support a great cause! 

Scholarship Committee


Lisa Jolles 

 Barbara Moyer 

 Cliff Feldwick 

 Cynthia Campbell 

 Sherri Collins-Witzke 

 Marilyn Johnson 

 Jeannine Jawhar 

 Linda Cromwell  

 Sue Bullock 

 Nina Yudell 

 Andrea Pelletier 

 Nancy Buckley

A Special Thank You to the Supporters of the BWN Scholarship Program

Scholarship Sponsors

($1,500 Scholarship)

Linda Cromwell – In memory of her mother, Rose Tiller

Marci Brand – on behalf of Creative Marketing Solutions CMC

Interested in sponsoring a scholarship? Let us know.

Hosts (Individuals or organizations that host scholarship fundraisers)

Claire Ramirez – BWN Talent Show and Holiday Basket Fundraiser

Wendy Letow – Bingo Night

Cynthia Campbell – Stand Up Paddling Night

Ashley Lazarewicz – BWN Golf Apparel Fundraiser

Chavon Jones – One Hope Wine Fundraiser

Celebrate Awards – Women’s Quotes Coaster Fundraiser

Interested in hosting a fundraiser? Let us know.

Special Friends

Sue Bullock of Celebrate Awards, Lisa Jolles of Jolles Insurance, Cynthia Campbell of Gold Apple Services, and Sherri Collins-Witzke of Harry H. Witzke's Family Funeral Home for prizes during Bingo Night

Cliff Feldwick, our wonder Bingo Caller

All the people whose talents delighted us during the Talent Show.

Beth Harbison – Sobar, creating a special non-alcoholic drink for the Talent Show

Lisa Jolles, the emcee for the Talent Show

The Yudell Family Charitable Fund

Individual Donors

All BWN members for participating in events, donating funds and basket, and the many, many ways you make these scholarships possible, especially during COVID-19.

Legacy Friends

Continual appreciation goes to legacy friends, whose past support help led to today’s successes:

Mary Jordan of Bra La La

Angie Goodwin Johnson of May Kay

Linda McCarthy of Annapolis Boudoir and Visual Concepts

Leeza Ennis of Envy Salon

Mary Gardella – photographer

Marilyn Johnson of the Marylyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio

Tino’s Italian Bistro

Victoria Gastro Pub

Chipotle (Ellicott City)

Dresner Group — Space for BWN Scholarship Committee meetings






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