2020 Lifelong Learner Scholarship Award Recipients

In 2000, the Business Women’s Network of Howard County established the Lifelong Learner Scholarship Program to support Howard County women in reaching the next step in their careers or businesses. Since then, we have awarded over $70,000 in Scholarships. For 2020, we are awarding five outstanding Howard County women $1,500 each to embark on their next steps to success. Meet our 2020 awardees!

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Rachel Carver is a student at Howard Community College working on an associate’s degree in Culinary Management in Bakery and Pastries. As a single mother of two, working two jobs, her goal is to provide a better life for her children. Rachel aims to become a pastry chef and eventually open her own bakery. Her aspiration is “to make my bakery brand a household name synonymous with quality and artistry.”

"When I was notified that I was selected as a recipient of the Business Women’s Network Scholarship, I seriously was overcome with pure joy and, honestly, relief. I chose to go back to school in hopes of changing my career while also making drastic changes in my home life to fuel a passion I have had since a young child. My dream is to open my own bakery when I am finished with culinary school so any money I can save now goes towards that dream. I was working two jobs prior to COVID-19 to pay for this education while also being a parent to two young children. This scholarship means more than financial help to complete my education, but also shows that the path I am seeking is falling into place as if it was my destiny. No matter the obstacles I have at home or financially to achieve my educational and future professional goals, I am motivated to see it through to the finish line. I am motivated more than ever especially now knowing that my hard work and persistence on not letting anything stop me is really paying off. I can’t thank the Business Women’s Network enough!" — Rachel

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Harriette Hughes is a student at Howard Community College working on degree is Diagnostic Medical Sonography, RAD TECH and nursing. Becoming a sonographer has been her life-long goal. Harriette works nights as an Admitting Officer for GBMC in the Emergency Department and aims to secure financial stability for herself and her son. Harriette also plans to pursue her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in nursing.

"Being awarded the BWN Life-Long Learner scholarship means everything to me because I am a single mother, and financially, times get hard for me. I appreciate being granted this scholarship because it’ll help me achieve my educational goals to provide financial stability for my family and I. With this scholarship, I plan to use it to cover my tuition, books, and supplies for my program. As we all know medical school supplies is pretty expensive, so I love the fact that I now have extra funds to purchase these things. Again, I would like to say thank you to all that contributed in selecting me as one of the recipients for this award." — Harriette

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Emily Hemphill is a student at Howard Community College working on an Accelerated Nursing Degree. Emily has a heart for people and enjoys coaching youth in gymnastics. To add to her Bachelor of Psychology, Emily plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and become a psychiatric nurse to help those with mental instabilities or emotional traumas.

"After graduating in 2015 with my bachelor’s degree, I became a single parent and decided to continue in the workforce instead of pursuing my Master’s degree. After four years, I decided to go back to school part-time to pursue a career in Nursing. Due to my situation, going back to school would not have been feasible without the help and support I have received along the way. This semester I made the difficult choice to stop working and focus on school full-time in Howard Community College’s Accelerated Nursing Program. With the support of staff, the BWN foundation, and other generous donors, I was able to make this decision knowing I would have some financial security. This has opened me up to being able to put all my efforts into parenting and furthering my education without the added stress of limited time or limited resources (or limited energy). With this scholarship, I am one semester closer to graduating in August 2021 and start learning how I can make a difference as a psychiatric nurse. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by how this figment of imagination has become a very manageable and attainable reality." — Emily

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Tericka Powell is a Howard Community College student studying Biomedical Engineering and nursing. Tericka owns her own small business and is actively promoting health awareness and health literacy. Since 2013, she has served on the health and wellness committee for DC public schools. Her ultimate goals are to provide quality care and to design the medical equipment and tools to meet the needs of all people.

"I'm honored and so grateful to be a recipient of the BWN Scholarship Award. As a biomedical engineering major, my educational and career goals consist of an array of new innovation and improved quality care for our country. Bioengineers create life sustaining devices including artificial organs, design pacemakers for human hearts, and improve processes for genomic and genetic testing. We continue to bridge the medical and engineering disciplines, providing an overall enhancement of health care and I cannot wait to thrive in this rewarding part of healthcare science.

My ultimate goal after graduation is to be the founder of a medical supply and biomedical company that involves working closely with nurses, technicians, physicians, and medical professionals and educate them on how to operate and efficiently manage biomedical equipment for better health outcomes for patients and populations. I aspire to create life changing products that enhance holistic health, self-care, and instruct our health heroes on how to use the wide range of electronic devices in modern medical practice safely while also supplying the equipment and providing maintenance services." — Tericka

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Crystal Tate is a student at Howard Community College studying Nursing. Over the last 10 years, Crystal provided care for her grandmother until she passed away, raised four of her sister’s children on her own, and recovered from a near-fatal accident. Nonetheless, she persisted! Crystal’s goals include working in emergency medicine, earning her BSN, and working overseas with an organization like Doctors Without Borders.

"I have always known that I was created to become a nurse, and in the wake of this current global pandemic, I realized my passion for emergency medicine.  Becoming a nurse is a dream that has been in the making for over a decade now!"

"I have been pursuing my degree through many challenges such as raising four children alone and experiencing a near fatal car accident. The skillful care and relentless tenancy of my medical team inspired me to make a full recovery despite my poor prognosis. The mentorship that I've received from fellow health care workers has prompted me to continue towards my goal. The continued support of my spiritual community is a constant encouragement that the " impossible " doesn't exist, if you stay the course."

"Being a recipient of a BWN scholarship is such a high honor and serves as motivation to continue the pursuit of every academic aspiration, no matter the obstacle. This BWN scholarship will help lift the heavy financial burden that accompanies being a working adult student. In addition, it brings me a step closer to becoming the first college graduate in my family and realizing my dream of becoming a nurse. Thank you BWN foundation for such a wonderful blessing."    — Crystal


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