Stop Cleaning Your Closets — Make Sure Your Financial "House" is in Order!

August 01, 2020 9:00 AM | Website BWN Admin (Administrator)

By Lisa Jolles

The past few months, some (not all) of Us HAD (maybe not now) a little more time on our hands. However, while we were doing those things that we normally “avoid”, i.e. cleaning closets, we might want to make sure that our affairs are in order and that we are getting the MOST from the benefits we have in place.  Covid-19 has made most of us re-evaluate our priorities and what is truly important.

Dust Off Your Policies — Don't Overlook the Small Print!

1. Life Insurance: 

 Re-evaluate your beneficiaries. If you are divorced, you don’t want your EX being your beneficiary! 

— Your policy  is not just a piece of paper, provisions need to be reviewed. For instance, if you purchased a Universal or Variable  Life policy, they are interest-rate and market sensitive. The death benefit may be there if not funded properly

2. Disability Policies are not one size fits all and should be reviewed regularly by a professional on a regular basis, to meet changing needs.

3. Long-term Care: If you are just considering, there are newer strategies available, other than traditional long-term care. Consider the added value of working with a specialist who will guide you through the claims process and provide advocacy when care is needed. 

Free Tools Associated With Your Group Benefits

1. Employee Assistance Plan (EAP): Many group disability policies include up to 3 face to face /unlimited telephonic counselor visits for common stressors: debt, relationships etc. 

2. Telemedicine Benefit: 24/7 for routine type services such as colds, flu, pink eye, rashes, allergies.  Doctor can even call in a prescription!  Small (sometimes $0) copay with many plans. 

     *By law, any Covid-19 related telemedicine  services are a  $0 copay

3. Will Preparation: For basic wills, you may have a will prep service included with your EAP policy. For more complicated wills, you will want to use an experienced estate planning attorney  

About this Month's Featured Sponsor

Jolles Insurance and Financial  Lisa Jolles

Lisa Jolles, President of Jolles Insurance & Financial & her knowledgeable team, has taken pride in helping individuals, group clients (and their employees) get the most value from their benefit package for more than 30 years. Lisa feels strongly that “it’s our job to fill in the gaps in our clients planning and to always be there to educate and advocate on their client’s behalf.”


Jolles Insurance & Financial has a mission to help not only their clients, but their community, to safely navigate to and thru retirement with the right planning in place and the good health to enjoy it!  It’s for that reason they founded the non-profit We Promote Health, Inc.  Join them and their WPH team every Saturday morning for the always FREE “Boot Camp in the Park”.

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